Why should you choose Think Big Recruitment?

For one, it's refreshing to work with a specialist who has your best interests at heart.

At Think Big Recruitment, we have a very focused approach , it's not about how many CVs we can send out in a week, or how many interviews we secure. While it sounds corny, it's true - we believe that the personality and attitude fit for a company is often as important at the technical fit for a position. As such, we spend no less than an hour extensively screening each candidate face to face, using a competency based approach, designed for your specific vacancy. That's our promise

While we have a broad range of experience, we also know our limitations. We're not specialists in Engineering or IT recruitment, and so we won't waste your time promising to deliver where we know someone else is better suited.

Why not give us a call to discuss your current recruitment needs and let's see how we can help.