You’ve been looking for a new job for three weeks and you’re getting nowhere. You’ve spent 15 hours perfecting your CV, drunk numerous cups of coffee trawling through various web portals, sent way too many emails applying for positions, and haven’t heard a word back from anyone. What could you possibly be doing wrong?

Looking for work can be incredibly frustrating, not to mention hard on the self esteem.

Having dealt with frustrated candidates for more than 12 years, I get that. I also know what a massive help it would be if you could just speak to someone in the know to get an idea of what you’re doing wrong, or what you could do better.

Book now for our Half Day "No Regrets" Recruitment Workshop

Our Workshops offer you, the work seeker, an opportunity to openly discuss and understand:

- How to write a winning CV - what to include and what to leave out
- How to apply for positions - do you send a cover letter or not?
- Preparing for interviews - doing your research, what to wear, what to take, what to ask (and not ask)
- Confidence building, stress management and positive thinking
- Seriously understanding (and role playing) Competency Based interview questions and how best to answer them
- Managing your response to regrets
- Creating a multi-faceted action plan to get real results
- Continually self-evaluate throughout the process - we show you how (and why)
- Learn to market yourself, your strengths and your skills
- We also edit and advise you on your current CV, helping you to implement effective changes immediately
- We also know that everyone's story is different - we'll all have different questions or concerns, and we're open to that - whatever it is you need to understand or action, we'll make sure we address it for you
- After attending our workshop, you automatically become a candidate at Think Big Recruitment, and as such, should any suitable vacancies become available, we will advise you.

Get in touch with us now to book your spot in the next "No regrets" Recruitment Workshop and start getting positive results for the effort you are putting in.
Or, if you would prefer, we can arrange one-on-one sessions, covering any of the above, Career Counselling or Interview Training.