"Nicky understands our industry and we’ve had good results over the more than eight years of working together. We enjoy working with Nicky as she is also flexible in her recruiting approach. I would highly recommend working with her! " - Nicola Nel, MD Atmosphere Communications

"Nicky is always professional and makes strategic staff recommendations based on her knowledge of my business, not only who she has on her books. I would recommend Nicky to anyone that is looking to hire, or looking for work." "As always, you have been able to help Amplicon when no one else could. Kudos to you for that x" - Kate Thompson-Duwe, MD Amplicon PR

"Many thanks Nicky. Very confident you’ve found us a star!" - Julie Etheridge, Account Director, Atmosphere Communications

"As an HR Consultant I recently needed to outsource some of the recruitment needs of one of my Clients...Fortuitously I was referred to Nicky! She is highly professional and insightful. She is structured, yet flexible and her presentation of candidates, reference checks and CV writing is informative, succinct, and well written. Her style is interactive and non-pushy and her delivery timeous and proficient. She has been a pleasure to deal with and I would highly recommend her as a service provider." - Dalia Katz, HR Consultant to Creative Brands

"Thank you Nicky for the amazing service." - Nicholas Markovitz, MD Creative Brands

"Nicky is a pleasure to work with and worth every cent of her fees. I’ve worked with her over several years on many different job specs and always found her to be detailed, reliable and consistent. What I value most about Nicky is that she takes the time to really understand the team she is recruiting for, as well as the wider business and industry, over and above getting to grips with my list of requirements. As a result, she is very good at matching up the right personality to a team, and I have her to thank for two of the most valued members of my staff." - Donyale Mackrill, Creative Director Go2Africa

"Nicky, thank you so much for assisting us with this placement. It has been great to work with you" - Louisa Choice, Assistant HR & Community Development Manager Singita

"Thank you so much for the constant communication and continuously putting my mind at ease throughout this process. I’ve never experienced service like this before, so all your efforts are much appreciated. You are really an amazing recruitment agent person and I really meant it when I said that you are the best I have ever dealt with. Thank you so much." - Glamorine, successful PR candidate

"Nicky runs an Agency which lives up to high standards and has produced some of the best in the industry. For more information on the latest job offers and availabilities, do contact her. I’m sure she will be willing to assist where possible." - Sawa, successful Marketing candidate

"I love working with you too. We make a great team and we get positive results. You really are a great manager Nicky." - Alison Baderoon, Freelance Recruitment Consultant, Think Big Recruitment

"I would recommend Think Big Recruitment to anyone who wants to turn hiring new staff into a hassle free experience. Nicky's natural affinity for the PR industry leaves you feeling in very safe hands and she offers real value for money which makes using her services a no-brainer."
- Gail Geraghty, MD liquidlingo Communications

"Thank you for being fully present, preparing and most of all making such a difference to the students that were there [TSiBA Moving Forward Seminar, December 2012]. I know they received such pertinent information and also during the sessions had some aha moments about life's preparation. You were all so professional and had so much to offer and yes those life experiences stories helped them to understand reality and the ups and downs we have all gone through. So thank you, thank you from me & from the TSiBA Community."
- Benu Mukhopadhyay, Career Centre Manager, TSiBA Education NPC

"All I can say is WOW! You are an amazing networker and do it so elegantly. Thank you a million times over for the many referrals and introductions. Once again, thank you thank you thank you!"
- Kathy Dumbrell Architectural Historian

"Nicky Farmer is a fantastic lady who happens to be an even more brilliant recruitment agent who really cares about your career more than the other agents I know."
- Lelo, Interior Designer

"Having dealt with many recruitment agents in the past, I believe Nicky Farmer by far deserves credit for her pleasant, professional and informative manner.Her approach and assistance to not only to her clients but that of her candidates, shows her dedication and willingness to be a successful recruitment agent.I highly recommend her."
- Natalie, PA/ Office Manager

"Thanks so much, I am very happy here. It is completely what I was looking for."
- Anine, PR Account Manager

"You are a consummate professional."
- Greta, PR Practitioner

"Nicky is a focused and results driven recruiter - always professional and detailed in her work. She has successfully secured several professional engagements for me and I can highly recommend her to anyone looking for a recruitment specialist."
- Marise, PR Account Director

"Thanks so much, I am really excited to get started in my new position! I have to say, none of this would of been accomplished as smoothly if it weren't for you! I am really grateful. I hope this isn't the end of our friendship
.- Kelly, PR Account Executive

"Thank you so much for your time spent with me this morning - I have come away with a mindful of information and extraordinary feedback"
- Christina, Administrator re Career Counselling session

"Thanks Nicky, you are the first person who has been able to tell me what I needed to hear! And I appreciate that."
- Jaco, PR Candidate

"Thanx for coming back to me even though the Job might be taken, its always good to get some feed back."
- Jacques, Travel Consultant

"Thank you very much for the feedback. This is quite rare that people actually revert back to applicants with regards to an update/feedback on the status of their applications. Much appreciated."
- Madelene, Executive PA

"I wish to thank you for taking the time to respond to me. It is so refreshing to have somebody actually reply back to one since these days people just don't seem to bother with this little courtesy."
- Carlos, Administrator

"Many thanks for your email. You are one of the few people out there that has the decency to respond." - Patrick, Construction Project Manager

"Really a pleasure to deal with a capable, professional recruitment agency like yours!"
- Carina, Executive PA

"Thank you so much for advising me of the job status situation. I sincerely appreciate aknowledgement and by this response you have gained my deepest respect and thanks."
- Steven, Architectural Technologist